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Wye Research and Education Center
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Queenstown, MD 21658-0169
Phone: 410 827-8056 ext.111
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Dr. Kenneth Staver
Associate Research Scientist, Acting Director
Wye Research and Education Center

Dr. Staver's primary research interest is the development of agricultural production systems that maximize nutrient and energy use efficiency and minimize environmental degradation at the field and system level. His academic training is in systems ecology (B.A.; Cornell), marine science (M.S.; U. MD) and engineering (Ph.D.; U.MD). He has worked at the Wye Research and Education Center since 1984 focusing initially on nutrient transport patterns in Coastal Plain watersheds and the development of practices that reduce nutrient losses from cropland at the field level. More recently his research focus has shifted to development of multi-discipline approaches to regional environmental problems. His current research activities include: 1) assessment of nutrient flow patterns in grain/poultry production systems at field, watershed and regional scales; 2) assessment of changes in subsurface nitrogen storage and transport in Coastal Plain watersheds where nutrient control strategies have been implemented; 3) assessment of the effect of phosphorus management strategies on phosphorus losses in field drainage; 4) development of land placement options for sediment dredged from Chesapeake Bay shipping lanes; and 5) assessment of the nutrient uptake and retention, and biofuel potential of native warm season grasses.