ENST Soil Judging Team Ranks Fourth in the Nation. While Terps fans lamented the men’s basketball team’s recent NCAA Tournament loss, one university team did make it to the final four this season — the University of Maryland Soil Judging Team. FULL STORY
The Tree Giver-David Ruppert. Most students who lounge under the 80-year-old oak tree in front of the Memorial Chapel are merely grateful for its shade. But David Ruppert, a soil sciences doctoral student, sees the tree and other oaks as the center of a system of life at the university. FULL STORY


Dr. Stephanie Lansing, an assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology (ENST) and three graduate students are headed to Cange, Haiti to design an anaerobic digestion waste treatment system that will utilize local wastewater resources to produce renewable energy.FULL STORY


Dr. Paul LeisnhamNewcomer to the Department of Environmental Science and Technology and a native of New Zealand or Kiwi, Dr. Paul Leisnham brings his latest research on mosquitoes and human health from ‘down under’ to Maryland. Human-induced environmental changes, such as land use modification and climate change, have been linked to the reemergence of major diseases carried by mosquitoes. These offer classic examples of how disrupted ecosystems adversely affect human health. FULL STORY


Terp MagazineEnvironmental science student Trevor Young harnesses the power of entrepreneurial thinking. Young is expecting a grant that will allow him to travel to northwestern Sierra Leone, where he hopes to lease land for the agricultural processing plant. Next to it, he anticipates building the power-generating facility that runs a community center offering health care and schooling. “It is something that needs to happen,” Young says. “The conditions in parts of sub-Saharan Africa are just unacceptable. I can’t just say, ‘It’s not acceptable’ without doing something about it. ... That’s why I know this is going to happen.” 


Journal Two environmental science undergraduate students Brian Campbell and Hanna Poffenbarger have won the (ASA) national student essay contest. They placed in second and third places, respectively. Both students will get an opportunity to publish their essays in the “”, which covers life sciences, natural resources, and agriculture disciplines. FULL STORY


David Ruppert ENST Student Gives Away Hundreds of Seedlings. To honor the tree, David Ruppert, decided to foster a new generation of the Olney oak and collected the acorns, storing them in his refrigerator in simulated winter and cultivating them into viable seedlings by spring. He planted those and the effort sprouted another offshoot: a new hobby. FULL STORY


Soils ENSTSoil Judging - Perfected at the University of Maryland. Hapludult, redoximorphic feature, lithologic discontinuity – while these terms for soil sound foreign to most, a talented team of University of Maryland students know them well. FULL STORY

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